Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlaid Men's Titanium Domed Wedding Band

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Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlaid Men's Titanium Domed Wedding Band

Wedding Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Titanium & Koa Wood
  • Width: 8 mm
  • Classic Ring Box Included
  • Ships in 1-2 Business Days
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Easy 30 Day Returns

A wedding, which is one important event in your life merits a band that is dear and special to you. And this is one such ring. It is totally out of this world and the ideal symbol of never-ending love. Sporting this piece on your finger is sporting eternity. The combination of titanium and Hawaiian Koa wood creates a fascinating contemporary wedding ring design to say the least. This exquisite ring will not only be appreciated by you but also by your beloved and all those around you. There is no better way to put a stamp on your impeccable taste. This magnetic piece will always intrigue you. It is elegance redefined. This wedding band has a domed shape to ensure it snugs comfortably around your finger. With an inlay of exotic wood, you will be awed. It is not just your ordinary ring. It is a ring that signifies oneness in marriage.