Turquoise Men's Titanium Wedding Band with Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlay

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Titanium, Turquoise, & Koa Wood
  • Width: 8mm
  • 2-Day Shipping Included on Every Order
  • Classic Ring Box Included
  • Ships Next Business Day
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Easy 30 Day Returns

Given the history of Turquoise, Titanium, and Hawaiian Koa Wood, how appropriate this ring is to represent the bond you share with one another. She is the epitome of your dreams, your mental map of blue skies, and your oasis. She is the only woman you could ever see yourself sharing forever with. Like the turquoise inlay of this majestic and powerful wedding band she brings a beautiful femininity to the equation that reminds you to look at the details and remember the precious moments that led you to imprint upon one another and remain close to each others hearts. Your desire to protect and love her is the perfect counterpart to her desire to love and encourage you. The same way the depth and warmth of the Hawaiian Koa wood compliments the vibrant nature of its counterpart in this wedding band. The Titanium ring binding the two together is reminiscent of the moments you’ve shared as well as those to come that make your heart beat as one. We wish you a wonderful journey filled with turquoise skies and bountiful forests of love.