Thorsten Rings


Little King Jewelry is an authorized retailer of Thorsten Rings. We offer the entire selection of handsome and timeless wedding bands for the best prices, guaranteed. Our online store makes it easy to shop from anywhere and still receive your ring in just a couple of business days. Thorsten creates exceptional quality jewelry in bold, unique, and modern designs that you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life. They specialize in contemporary wedding bands for both men and women. You’ll find incredible quality and value in their alternative metal wedding bands that use materials like tungsten, ceramic, and titanium to deliver exceptional strength and resistance for everyday activities like showering and chores. 

Some of Thorsten’s most unique options are made from exciting and rare materials that are hard to find elsewhere:

Dinosaur Bone. Inlaying wedding bands with genuine dinosaur bone fossil is exactly what you’d expect from Thorsten Rings. As shown through the dinosaur bone inlay wedding band line, they offer surprising and unique inlays that are truly one of a kind. Choose from shades of red, blues, white, brown, and green fossils that are inlaid in materials like tungsten, ceramic, and 14k gold.

Wood. Rings inlaid with different species of wood are among the most popular wedding bands in recent years. Thorsten has embraced the beauty and strength of wood inlay wedding bands which is evident through the incredible variety of offerings. With Thorsten Rings, you won’t be constrained to a generic ring that may have an option of dark or light wood. Instead, you can choose from options such as Mahogany, Oak, Ash, Sapele, Ebony, Redwood, Red Oak, Olive, Carpathian, Purpleheart, Bubinga, and Zebra wood. Each ring is inlaid with a one-of-a-kind piece of genuine wood and perfectly coated to protect it for years to come. If you have a sentimental connection to a particular type, you’ll be able to find it inlaid in materials such as yellow gold, white gold, tungsten, and black ceramic.

Lapis Lazuli. One of the most exciting and popular inlays to join the Thorsten lineup is Lapis Lazuli. The brilliant blue hue of lapis lazuli has been used since ancient Egypt to create beautiful jewelry, amulets, and vases. Thorsten has used this blue stone in their wedding band line along with sapphires and other gemstones to create award-winning jewelry that has been featured around the country.

Turquoise. Perhaps one of the most recognizable stones known to man, the blue-green hues of turquoise stone have been used for eons to create jewelry, beads, and amulets. It is thought to have many unique properties and is used today by many people who find meaning in the stone. Whether for the gorgeous and unique color or for it’s mysterious benefits, turquoise inlaid in your wedding band will allow you to keep it nearby for years to come.

Mother of Pearl. Found in pearl oysters, freshwater mussels, and abalone, you won’t find a more iridescent material than Mother of Pearl. Sometimes known as nacre, this shimmering substance protects fragile mollusks as they grow. The stunning radiance is hard to capture in a photo, so you’ll love your Mother of Pearl inlaid wedding band even more when it arrives and can be seen in all its brilliance. 

Carbon Fiber. A high-tech and lightweight option for anyone who prefers intricate yet simple patterns that are available in a wide range of colors. Also known as graphite fiber, this material is man-made and often used to create propeller blades and airplane wings. 

Opal. Occurring naturally in many different colors, opal is a natural choice for stunning wedding band inlays. Choose from reds and oranges, blues and greens, or even black opal with hints of red. Opal is thought to bring luck and is also the October birthstone.

Coprolite. A unique material for an awesome groom, this fossil inlay is for the nerdy and not-so-faint-of-heart person who wants a very different wedding band inlay. Each inlay is made from real fossil and you’ll be hard pressed to find another ring that is even remotely similar, except perhaps at an archaeology convention. 

Spectrolite. A type of labradorite, this iridescent gemstone is unlike any other material used for wedding ring inlays today. Blue base hues are complimented with shimmering yellows, reds, blues, and more as the stone is introduced to light. It is a naturally-occurring stone and accordingly, each inlay is completely unique.

Lava Rock. Further expanding their exciting inlay options, Thorsten has created a line of incredible tungsten, ceramic, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and 14k rose gold wedding bands for men with genuine Lava stone inlaid in the center. These bands are eye-catchingly unique and popular among couples who enjoy surprising touches or have a sentimental place in their heart for lava rock.

Goldstone. Also known as Aventurine glass, this material has mysterious origins that may have begun with alchemy many centuries ago. Goldstone provides a stunning and sparkling inlay available in colors like orange, green, and purple, where it is inlaid in tungsten, ceramic, and various shades of gold.

Deer Antler. For the outdoorsman, a deer antler inlaid wedding band marries a rare and precious material with a strong metal for ultimate durability. All Thorsten Rings are crafted with unique deer antler inlays that are available in whites, greys, and browns. 

Thorsten also offers rings that are engraved with designs like superheroes, animals, landscapes, video game scenes, and more. 

Their textured, grooved, and brushed finishes set otherwise traditional-styled rings apart with the touches you would expect from the top-of-the-line jeweler. 

In addition to the large wedding band selection, Thorsten offers the best warranty you’ll find on any wedding band, period. If your ring size ever changes, you’re covered for life with free resizing. If your ring is accidentally damaged, that’s covered too.