Antares Brushed Men's White Tungsten Wedding Band with White Interior

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Wedding Band Details

The most beautiful things take shape in their natural state of being. But even in the most beautiful states growth cannot occur without substance. Grass grows the best when it receives water and sun. Since she first entered your life she's become as crucial to your cultivation as the water you drink and the sun shining above you to guide your direction by day. Her love has allowed you to grow in ways you never dreamed possible. But before her you saw drear in the rain clouds rather than gratefulness over the life substance it poured over the earth surface. The reflection she's offered you brings love from all angles, may this Brushed White Tungsten Men's wedding band remind you that strength is rooted in the natural state of things, and your natural state without her is nothing more than a holding cell. We wish you a lifetime of exploration and love.