Muramasa Gold & Black Titanium Men's Wedding Band with Black Diamonds

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Wedding Band Details

This spectacular black diamond titanium men's wedding band is build for strength and durability with all the grace of a lion its gold plated interior shines through reminding the wearer that behind the outer walls and guards, there is a heart beating to the drum of a man who not only knows what he wants but is confident enough in his choice that he is proud to wear its coat of arms into daily battle. May your love for each other stand as strong and true and blazing hot as the fire the titanium ring was forged in. Let each of the diamonds stand for the why behind your actions, the power behind your progress, the passion within your embrace. Let its sleek unblemished surface always remind you that real treasure is on the other side of the triple black diamonds. Attached to the purest heart you've ever seen, thumping to the beat of your unified song.