Bolo Flat Tungsten Wedding Band with Mahogany Wood Inlay

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Wedding Band Details

Mahogany could quite easily go down in history as the richest wood known to man, its natural beauty and ability to transform whatever room its presence graces is precisely what earned it such a prestigious name. Which is why it perfectly summarizes the woman you've chosen to be yours. She is beautiful, graceful and deep. She deepens you and has taught you to embrace the transformation. She makes it easy because you see how her beauty changes a room from drafty to warm and dreamy with the smallest hint of a smile. If she is the Mahogany wooden inlay, then you must be the Tungsten Carbide band embracing it, as you will for the rest of time. The moment she answered you with a yes, your hearts melted into one, and you want to show your appreciation in the symbol you've chosen to represent the bond you share. We wish you a blissful journey together as your best brings out the best in one another and so improves the world at large.