Olivaster Flat Tungsten Wedding Band with Olive Wood Inlay

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Wedding Band Details

Tried and tested love should encompass prosperity, faithfulness, commitment and a true connection. This brilliant wedding band will forever remind you of all these. Its crisp design is symbolic of a life that is overflowing with relentless and clear communication between two love birds. The olive wood inlay stands for peace and fertility. This particular piece has been created by expert craftsmen and brings out a contemporary design that oozes with simple elegance. It is a ring for a gentleman who is aware of the impermanence of life. What is here today may be gone tomorrow. People may come and go. Nations may rise and fall. Waves go out of control and bring destruction along their path. You may be at the height of success one day and the next, a forgotten memory, a deep thinker and a philosopher at heart who contemplates about life's mysteries will fall in love with this piece.