Eudo Men's 14k White Gold Wedding Band with Dinosaur Bone Inlay & Diamond

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: 14k White Gold & Dinosaur Bone & Diamond
  • Ring Width: 8mm
  • Fit Type: Comfort Fit
  • Processing Time: 6-14 Weeks

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A tale as old as time. Boy meets girl, girl gives boy reason to become a man, and in his manhood boy finds fulfillment. Why not celebrate this wonderful shared moment with a 14k yellow gold men's wedding band with a heart of red dinosaur bone this ring promises a unique and wonderful bond between two people who fit so perfectly together it doesn't make sense they should have found each other in a world full of not so right shoes. We wish to celebrate you and your perfect match with the offering of this wedding band. Let it act as an everlasting symbol of togetherness and shared experiences. May the red at its center remind you of the red hot love and burning desire your relationship rose up from. We are sure it will carry with it the excitement from start to finish we wish you a life full of digging deep for the buried treasures within one another.