Sergios 14k Yellow Gold Men's & Ebony Wood Inlay Flat Wedding Band with Diamond

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: 14k Yellow Gold, Diamond, & Ebony Wood
  • Ring Width: 8mm
  • Fit Type: Comfort Fit
  • Processing Time: 6-14 Weeks

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A modern groom has to deal with the complex choices of innumerable wedding rings that he is presented with when it is time to tie the knot. Without a made-up mind, it becomes easy to get lost in the maze of different types of wedding bands in terms of pattern, color, design and material. Except, you have this yellow gold wedding band. This piece undividedly overshadows all other options emerging the sole contender. Its craftsmanship is a testament of a successful mix of science and innovation. The beauty of the science aspect is that it is not limited to the fitting and size of the ring but also incorporates your lifestyle and work. A stunning ebony wood inlay and diamond feature in this yellow gold wedding band. This creation has a design that is delightfully contemporary with the inlay and diamond addition enhancing the band's appeal. Its dazzling polished finish gleams brilliantly from all angles.